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Research and production center «Micromir» was founded in 2011. Nowadays, Micromir has a well-earned reputation as one of the leaders in the phage therapy research both in Russia and worldwide.
We initially set out two major issues:
Our mission and achievements
The first one is to develop a line of effective antibacterial drugs for gentle and safe treatment in the early stages of infectious diseases.
The second one is to promote bacteriophage therapy and an ecological perspective on microbiome problems.
With over 120 employees, we have representatives in 10 cities in Russia.
Our products are available in more than
40 cities from Kaliningrad to Khabarovsk.
We have achieved significant progress in this field through the hard work of our team and strong investments.
In fact, I started researching bacteriophages in 1975 and joined Micromir's team from its very inception. In order to achieve positive results in phages research field, you firstly need to love them, have deeply understanding of fundamental bacteriophage research and its applications in different fields, and to be, needless to say, a person of integrity. I like the relatively fast positive effect of phage treatment with no complications. The future appears bright for phage-based applications and that's the most inspiring and empowering thing in my work.
Valentina Popova, Deputy General Director in charge of Production
We are for being gentle to the human microbiome and create products according to our priorities and beliefs.
developed and registered products
veterinary medicines under development
over 500
a collection of over 500 virulent phages
over 2000
a collection of over 2,000 host bacteria
over 20
cooperation agreements with more than 20 major clinical institutes in Russia
participation in 12 international conferences
A new production unit has been built according to the regulations of GMP. The new research and scientific building went into operation in the autumn 2019
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