Manufacturing of products with bacteriophages for gentle health care

RPC Micromir provides ecological approach to the microbiome regulation

Safe and eco-friendly first-line* preparations for those who are worried about the effects of the drug on the organism

Bacteriophages are natural immune assistants
*first administered for diseases
Bacteriophages are created by nature to regulate the bacteria populations and are the most abundant organisms on Earth. Their use is a modern and gentle approach to treat bacterial infections and helps in preventing and treating infectious diseases. They help restore the balance of human microbiome and support healthy immune system.

How bacteriophages affect bacteria

Using 3D Cell Explorer and CamScan S2 microscopes, we obtained photographs and videos of the impact of bacteriophages on cell cultures and biofilms of Klebsiella pneumoniae.
Cell culture

How bacteriophages affect bacteria

Using 3D Cell Explorer and CamScan S2 microscopes, we obtained photographs and videos of the impact of bacteriophages on cell cultures and biofilms of Klebsiella pneumoniae.


Gel for hygiene and normalization of microbiota in ENT organs
Gel for oral cavity hygiene and normalization of oral microbiota
Gel for hygiene and normalization of microbiota of intimate areas
Gel for hygiene and normalization of microbiota of skin and soft tissues
Gel for hygiene and normalization of the skin microbiota

Animal preparations

Скоро в продаже
Bacteriophage cocktail for intrauterine administration
Bacteriophage cocktail for administration through a watering system

Our success

Our goal is to make bacteriophages popular and affordable
RPC Micromir is a company with eleven years of successful experience in developing effective and safe large spectrum antibacterial preparations based on advanced knowledge about bacteriophages. By joint efforts of our specialists, the company has become one of the leaders in the bacteriophage therapy not only in Russia, but also worldwide.

A person must have freedom of choice. In the early, "mild" stages of infectious diseases, bacteriophages are a sensible alternative to conventional antibiotics, which are often taken excessively and improperly today. This is the reason why we actively cooperate with the professional medical community.

During 11 years of functioning we have created the collection

The bacteriophage-based products are available throughout Russia, as well as in Kazakhstan, Hungary and Japan
More than
virulent bacteriophages
More than
bacterial hosts
registered products
There are


  • Phagogyn is a nice, cool, colorless and odorless gel without any irritating ingredients, which is stored in a fridge. It's also easy in use: 2 drops (squeezes) are enough for a single use. It was prescribed to me and my husband (yes, Phagogyn is effective on both women and men; if one partner is treated, then the other one needs to undergo treatment or preventive treatment as well) for 2 weeks, 2 times a day (to husband in order not to give me any "surprise gifts" during treatment). An application of the preparation is really not the most comfortable, but you can get used to it. This gel with bacteriophages was used to normalize the microflora and prevent bacterial infections at the same time. Honestly we used it for 2 weeks, and tests and swabs were clean! Literally clean! I was shocked! Nicely shocked!

    Although I noticed changes in the body almost on the third day of use! In general, I'm very satisfied with the gel! It's stored in a fridge, as you remember. After 3 months I decided to use the gel again preventively, as the shelf life of it was sufficient. And again everything was fine. Therefore, I help the body with it from time to time now.
  • After passing another tests, the ENT doctor said that it's a staphylococcal infection. We tried various antibiotics and all were useless, because staphylococcus bacteria was tolerant to most antibiotics (the doctor said, this is resistance). So, how to treat? It turned out that the solution is in bacteriophages. The assortment was limited, and we chose Otophage gel 50 mg. The product has lots of advantages over traditional bacteriophage drugs: it's easier in storage and usage, as it doesn't need to be diluted. And most importantly, Otophage gel contains bacteriophages not only against Staphylococcus, but also against a huge number of bacteria (Streptococcus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, etc. 69 types of bacteria in total). It's compatible with most drugs. This winter we used Otophage for preventive measures. As a result, no running nose in winter and spring!
  • Phagoderm gel was prescribed to my daughter by the cosmetologist for the treatment of acne in the form of inflammatory red spots. After 2 days of usage, new spots stopped to appear, and the skin wasn't red. It works well. It's important to me that this is a safe product, which helps your own skin microflora fight germs. My daughter also uses it against sweating. You can keep the gel at home in the first aid kit in case of any inflammation for the whole family.
    Kalinina S.
  • I ordered it to prevent gums inflammation and dental plaque. It does its job well. I apply the gel twice a day after meals, and gums bleeding has decreased. The bottle will last long. It's a must-have gel for gums. I definitely recommend this product.

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"MicroMir" Research and Production Center ("MicroMir" RPC)
and the Federal Research and Clinical Center of Intensive Care Medicine and Rehabilitology (FRCC ICMR) outlined the principle of selecting bacteriophages not for individual patients, but for the entire spectrum of bacteria causing nosocomial pneumonia in the intensive care unit.
A study by “Micromir” Research and Production Center has been published in Scientific Reports journal, demonstrating that bacteriophages can be used to combat biofilms of Friedlander's bacillus.
The Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance (Rosselkhoznadzor) has added a veterinary drug for the treatment and prevention of bacterial etiology infections in poultry to the register of medicinal products.


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