Manufacturing of products with bacteriophages for gentle health care

RPC Micromir provides ecological approach to the human microbiome

Safe and eco-friendly first-line* preparations for those who are worried about the effects of the drug on the organism

Bacteriophages are natural immune assistants
*first administered for diseases
Bacteriophages are created by nature to regulate the bacteria populations and are the most abundant organisms on Earth. Their use is a modern and gentle approach to treat bacterial infections and helps in preventing and treating infectious diseases. They help restore the balance of human microbiome and support healthy immune system.


Gel for hygiene and normalization of microflora in ENT organs
Gel for oral cavity hygiene and normalization of oral microflora
Gel for hygiene and normalization of microflora of intimate areas
Gel for hygiene and normalization of microflora of skin and soft tissues

Drugs for animals

Скоро в продаже
Veterinary drug for treatment and prevention of diseases of the respiratory tract in horses
Veterinary drug for prevention and treatment of bacterial endometritis in cattle
Veterinary drug for prevention of bacterial diseases in poultry farming

Our success

Our goal is to make bacteriophages popular and affordable
RPC Micromir is a company with nine years of successful experience in developing effective and safe large spectrum antibacterial preparations based on advanced knowledge about bacteriophages. By joint efforts of our specialists, the company has become one of the leaders in the bacteriophage therapy not only in Russia, but also worldwide.

A person must have freedom of choice. In the early, "mild" stages of infectious diseases, bacteriophages are a sensible alternative to conventional antibiotics, which are often taken excessively and improperly today. This is the reason why we actively cooperate with the professional medical community.

During 9 years of functioning we have created the laboratory collection

The bacteriophage-based products are available throughout Russia, as well as in Armenia and Kazakhstan
More than
virulent bacteriophages
More than
bacterial hosts
registered products
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Phagogyn has a really good effect on microflora, it didn't sting, leak, and panties stayed fresh. I've taken it for 2 weeks twice a day, morning and evening, the microflora has become better, all the discomfort disappeared. I still continue to take it every two days.
After 3 days of use, the pain of a sore throat was relieved which meant the bacterial infection cleared up. However, we kept using the Otophage according to the doctor's prescription. During this time, the size of child's adenoids decreased, thanks to this snot stopped flowing at all. In the result the treatment took 10 days, instead of 3 weeks as it used to be.
Phagoderm helps me, although my skin problems are associated with a disease and hormone imbalance. I can't get rid of the habit of touching my face, and the gel helps to avoid new breakouts and reduce existing ones.
Now I use the Otophage all the time if I go to a crowded place, clinic or transport. I use it as prevention and treatment of diseases starting in the fall and through the winter.

Where to buy?

You can buy our products at pharmacies in your city: check availability here or here

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When do we need to use phages?
We strongly believe that bacteriophages should be used as a drug of first choice for patients with bacterial infections of integumentary and mucous membranes, as well as for their prevention. Don't rush to antibiotics — try bacteriophages* :)

*See your doctor if there is no improvement.
What is the difference in effects of bacteriophage and antibiotic therapy?
The antibiotics are aimed to disrupt vital processes in bacteria, which are similar in both that are harmful and good ones. That is the reason why antibiotics are often cause disbiotic states. Unlike antibiotics, only a particular species of pathogenic bacteria fall under bacteriophages' influence.
Why are bacteriophages harmless?
The thing is, bacteriophages are all specific, targeting only one or a few species of bacteria. Specially selected phages contained in our products do not harm the beneficial microflora. Besides, they are able to self-regulate and attack only excessively growing bacteria.
Where are bacteriophages found in nature?
Bacteriophages are everywhere, whether we want them or not. They are the most abundant organisms on Earth: they can be found in food, water, vaccines and even in human bodies, where they act as immune assistants and regulate the number of bacteria in the body. But sometimes the bacteriophages need some support — that is where our products might come in handy.
Is phage overdose possible?
No. Bacteriophages leave the body naturally without loading the internal organs once bacteria are eliminated.

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